Monday, September 15, 2008

Prima Flowers?

A while back I got one of those Jars of scrap booking flowers at Hobby Lobby I think they were 4.95 for a jar a little bigger that a large baby food jar. Needless to say there weren't many flowers in it; I decided that I like the flowers after all; after seeing a class done by Cheryl on SAHA. But I was not going to pay that much for flowers, so I went to the dollar store and got a 1.00 spray took it home and pulled it apart. I filled up an old container candle jar. About 3 times the size of the flower jar. Much cheaper and just as pretty on my shelf. By the way the flowers look great on my lay outs. And on my cards.
Walmart has a counter or island or what ever you want to call it with just 1.oo flower sprays on it, I pass it on the way back to the SB dept every time I go in there. Next time I will stop and look! Wink Wink.

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