Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Recipe Swap

About two years ago I participated in a circle journal; it is an possession that I will always cherish. We learned a lot about each other and had a wonderful time together (digitally speaking) It was how ever very stressful for some of us wondering which package would be damaged or who would flake out.

Since then I have discovered a new way to get a wonderful little scrap book that tells about friends around the country, Swaps! We are doing a swap where we do a 6x6 scripture scrap page; we each do 8 identical pages then mail them to the hostess. Who makes 8 piles of pages and sends one of each to each of us in the self addressed stamped envelope that we sent with our pages. We do this each month with a different theme, July's theme is truth last month it was hope.

Junebug and I tried a variation on a swap at my forum by making 6x6 recipe pages and posting them so we could print them out; Our theme was recipes and I personally have a cute little cook book now that I will cherish for ever!

How ever the printed pages were not as nice as the ones scrapped by the participants.
So I am open to hostessing a Recipe Swap, just this once to see how it goes; the details will be on my forum under swaps. Please visit there and let me know if you are interested

Happy Scrapping

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