Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Garden this year

This is my big garden the one on the other side is not done, I am still filling it up with soil.
I had to put the ugly chicken wire around it to try to keep all the deer out of it, they were having a ball eating my plants this winter. the wire seems to be helping.
These are Brussels sprouts on the end, with some purple onions and garlic with some off my mom transplanted Irises.

On this end are my tomatoes and broccoli, and some more Onions.
These are the raised flower beds I am putting in. I still need to fill them with soil.
This big one below is the old garden my mom had the timbers need to be replaced, I am going to put some okra and green beans here.
I may replace the timbers with 12x12s and make it a raised bed so it will be easier for me to get to.
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