Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well it’s almost Christmas time again and I am so excited, I love the fall and Christmas season. I always have and always will this Christmas has gone very well for me I am off of the horrible meds that were sucking the life out of me and making me sleep all the time; and I am able to breathe better since I took the treatments to shrink the tumors in my chest.

I finished the Christmas countdown which is an Organizational tool form the Organized Christmas site. And by the first of December I was ready for Christmas.

I decide last year how I was going to do my tree and wrap my gifts. And I bought the paper after Christmas when it was on sale in the colors I wanted. I also started getting the spools of wire ribbon to match my paper when ever I saw them mostly at the dollar store. And I scrapped my gift tags which you can see on my Christmas blog; So my gifts look fabulous under my tree this year.(It’s almost a shame to give them away lol )

I put up my old green tree in the dinning room and my white tree in my living room.

I did my kitchen in gingerbread men and the whole house looks great! I have all my new wood laminate floors and my new French doors in the dinning room with the evergreen garland around them with the white lights and the matching wreathes I made to go on them.

My Halloween was also wonderful I had a Halloween party and while it was small it was fun; I am hoping it will be much larger next year.

My decorations were so cute I had every room full of fall stuff. My kitchen was full of bats and the dinning room full of skeletons and owls.

The living room was all pumpkins (see my fall blog)

We had my back yard done with the twinkles all up in the trees for light.

And we had a piñata for the grown ups it was so funny.

We almost had a hay ride but I waited to long to get the bales of hay; I was afraid that if I got them to soon that they would get full off fire ants.

Any way I hope to do better on my blog this year see you all in 2010!

And may God bless all of you.

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