Saturday, November 03, 2007


Who smiles on me when I am good?
Who loves me when I am bad?
Whose face do tears slide down when I hurt?
Or when I inflict hurt on others?
It’s not the people I work with or the people I see day to day.
I am but a passing thought to them.
Who is it who cares?
It’s the one who paid an awesome price.
For my joy, my freedom, and my salvation.
It’s the one who endured what I go through every day.
Even though he did not have to.
It’s the one who hung on the cross.
And willingly entered the gates of hell.
To snatch the keys from the hands of the evil one.
Who suffered the grave. And yet rose from that grave.
To sit at the right side of the Father of us all.
To intercede on my behalf as though I were the only one on earth.
The one who knows me inside out.
And still loves me
It’s my Savior, my Love, my Jesus!

Debra Gallagher

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