Wednesday, August 22, 2007


It is the small things in life that make it worth while. A walk in the rain, snow falling gently on the ground,
A baby smiling for the first time, a moment of solitude with the Lord, or a day spent with the whole family.
It is the things we take for granted; the everyday occurrences that keep us sane.
It is a wondrous thing to be able to see the beauty of moments like these they are a gift from the lord and we do not always take the time to recognize them, as we hurry thorough our time rushing along in the river of life.
Rather than floating along on a gentle flow.
The work will be there, the house will be there, and so will our worries, the world will not fall from its axes if we stop for time to just be.
Take time to be with the Lord and the day just turns out good.
Perhaps that is the real key to being happy, to recognize the gifts that the Lord has given us.

Debra Gallagher.

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JanaBanana said...

So very true :)